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For those that don't know gui stands for Graphical User Interface which Microsoft pushed to make itz gimpish windows Operating System. I hope this shows people's feeling on how windows poorly coded gui makes us feel. Eating up the most resources does not make the best operating system. I guess we are safe to say this is a step up to fuck over microsoft more then we have. Don't get me wrong gui wasn't a bad idea, but windows makes it look really bad......

Well, no telling where this will be posted so i guess we might as well explain gH. gH is just a group and this is all you need to know. We aren't out here to get publicity and use numbers to do html nor talk stupid like we are one of the h4x0r br0hs or some shit. We are just here to make a point about security on the internet. THERE IS NONE. Well, now our point is proven.....

If you know me, you know i must leave a poem for the admin:

Picture you at console in your computer lab,
you notice a hacker who logs in you would like to nab.
Your first move is to check logs and attempt to talk,
he replys with Your Security isn't my fault.

You come to find out gH is on your system
attempting to catch these hackers, but you can't get withem.
Calling the isp won't do the job so please don't pout
like most of us he'll be on a local hacked account.

Catching us will never happen nor will you come close
because most admins are 12year old man page reading kiddies at the most.
Our hacks and html skills are here for you to view for free
so if you attempt to catch us gH will hang your nuts on our Christmas Tree.

Well enough showing off my html tekneeks, now move on to the shot outs which include all of "gLobal heLL", LoU, jsbach, Soulblaze, Eclipze, Slasher, all of b4b0 and most of all to rootshell.com for posting badly coded exploits so skript kiddies can't use them.

Now the FuckYou's include: #hitmen on undernet, HFG, soulfly, #virii on undernet, every single ircop and most of all deathcraze of milw0rm for rm'ing our prohosting.com's webpage hosting box we had root when it hosted www.milw0rm.com View Prohosting story here

We Are Your Armageddon.

RootFest Bitch

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mh & the rest of gH.