tHiS h4x iS dedicated to gr1p, muh netlubbah.
good luck in da real whurld, and remembah...
once a lumberjack, always a lumberjack

lumberjacks = original hackers

[------- cut here -------]

w3 g0t OuR MaN1f3sT0 iN FuLL eFFeKT w1tH 0wn3rsh1p YeT aGa1N. We 0wn
y0uR L1ttLe InTeRnEt AnD wE CaNN0t b3 St0pp3d.

w0rd t0 The eFF-bEE-eYe, En-Ess-Eh, aNd dU See-eYe-Eh, w3 kn0W y0u LuB
uS aLL vErY mUcH 4nD yOu dEs3rVe Th3z3 m4D Pr0pz BayBEE!@#!@#

ThE ReST oF j00 w1LL b0w c0z w3 g3t ThE GuD Ch1Ckz LiKE W1n0n4 Ryd3R
aNd ThE W1mBL3d0n TeNN1z Ch1x0rz wH1Le y0u aRe LeFt t0 sex0r ThE DyK3z
suCH aS SeKt0rGrL aNd Ae0NFLuX@!#

[------- cut here -------]

1f d4t 6year 0ld k4ll3d HFG wunt5 t0 ch4ll3n3 0ur Tw3lv3z t0
0wn all d4 h0t g1rl3s, y3w k4n br1ng th3 p41n
0r b4th3 th3m, 4nd br1ng th3m b4ck t3w us b0i

dunt y3w r34l1z3 b01 d4t lumb3rj4cks 0wn 3v3ry 3v3ry th4ng?

[------- our l1st of demands -------]

  1. the well-being & love for all lumberjacks & lumberjack wanna-bes.
  2. the beating, maiming, torture, & eventual death of hfg & his
    lumberjack opressing thugs.
  3. the demise of communism because we all know communists hate
  4. that rice be recognized as the caring, loving, nutritious grain that it is.
  5. that all strains of canadians be treated with the respect due to a
    nationality of such high caliber. [gob speaks]

  6. &
  7. the institution of tang as the united states of america's official drink.

[------- x -------]

we w1lL n0t Re4s0n noR WilL w3 t4ke "no" f0R 4n 4nSw3r.
wE 0f tHe #ashtray lumberjacks d0 f1nD tH1s doCum3nT to Be c0ns1st3nt
w1th ouR b3l1eFs aS tHey aRe c0nTa1Ned w1tHiN tH3 s0uNd MinDs & b0d1eS oF tHe
MembeRs oF tH3 #ashtray lumberjacks. iT iS w1th gr34t pr1D3 aNd l4ck 0f
m4tuRaTy tH4t tHe #ashtray lumberjacks Br1nG y0u tHes2 h4cKs. th4nK y0u f0R
y0uR TimE.

resistance is futile.

[------- 0d3 t0 HFG -------]

so you wanna be krad and elite?
hot and nasty or pd and sweet?
eye hear you get hardons from yer pet.
and that you make your mother hot and wet.

h0h0h0 ... more? geepers creapers... okie-dok...

roses are red,
violets are blue,
and #hackphreak is tew.

[------- h3y br0nc -------]

y3w fuqn g1mp b0i... d0 y3w r3aLly w4nN4 sTeP t0 D4 luMb3rJ4cKs? y0U
fuQn Br1Ng Y3r leTh3r ch4pS We4r1nG c0Wb0y w4nn4 B3 4tT1tuDe Up t0
Us, 4nD y0u 3Xp3cT t0 g3T aW4y? y0U n3eD t0 B3 b3aTeN wiTh tHe cLu3 sTiCk
Y0u duMb b14tcH. y3w d0Nt 3veN kN0w wh4T a sYn p4k3t 1s f3wl.
y3W wUnT t0 b3 mUh p4KeT b1tCh?!? jUsT aSk m4nG 4nD y3w w1ll fJe4R
... so peace out buckaroo

"eyem gonna beat that ass and ride him like a donkey" -laymur
"eyem gonna fuq him in dat asz with a carton of smokes" -c4thy

[------- message tew all 0thaz -------]

wH3n w3 B3 cH4lLeNGed, w3 w1Ll c0Me b4Ck w1tH uNBr1d4leD iMm4tuRiTy aNd
l4ck 0f THouGht, b3c4uS3 w3 r d4 #ashtray lumberjacks
HFG, you g1mP sKriPt k1dd13, w3 R c0mMiN t4 g1tCHa, Comm1n t4 GitCh4
lumberjacks 1n FuLl eFf3cT iN 9t8 b1atCh...
... and no, eyem not a ghetto supahstah laura

and lee, i "know" who you are *cough*macthealien*cough*

[------- dUh p1mPz -------]

.oO C4thY - wepOr - gr1p - fort1fy - b0y - LaYmUr Oo.
.oO pahrohfit - Immunity - feta - m1lk - pl4yt3x - f1v3-0h Oo.

[------- sh0ut 0utz -------]

pahrohfit's g1Rl1eS
wookie - laura - mz - c4ndygrl - r00fies - borgie
c4thy's l3sb0 lUbb3r
b4b0 - we all need some d1nner!
byroni,ADM,technotronic, jsbach, jj "dynomite" walker
rootshell, sektorgrl - p0rK ... 1tS wuTz f0R d1nN3r

"touch my panis" -watchy
"vallah is neat, but lisa is neater" -fryz

[------- x ------]

fjear us for the money; we have all the cash.
fjear us for the love; we have all the girlies.
just fjear us! -- lumberjack motto

this hax wuz brought tew yew by da letter "a", pahrohfit, fUnK mUsTaH and the numbah "3"

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