*sigh* Why must admins not read about sekurity hazards or something about their system? I would think the American Retirement Corporation would be kinda secure, but obviously they don't care if they loose money. Well Mr. Admin, simply run the file restore in your /root directory and everything will be back to normal, including : html, backdoors and the hole we used to get in will be patched. For some reason i figure you won't know how to run this file, but i put it here to show you we did no damage to your system. If you need to reach me about your system, simply email me and i will hopefully be of help to your system. gH didn't hack your system to destory your documents nor to misuse your system, mainly to show you and the internet community that sekurity is a must on the internet........

Restore Usage : ./root/restore

Usually a poem would go here, but i must get a very good point accross to the internet on this particular site :

LoU - This site is for you bitches. I talked to some sponsers of the American Retirement Corporation and they are more then welcome to accept you and feel you qualify greatly for their benefits. You should all take my advice and retire. I would hate to see how stupid i can actually make your stupid group look. Especially now that i heard last night that optiklenz is in jail. What a pitty, i guess rootshell'z log cleaner isn't as good as you all thought. I don't see how you figure that your group has any pull in the internet community as of the storys you all posted. Half the net wants your heads on a platter and gH is the only group making a sure statement about how much LoU has fucked up the hacking community. We are now looked upon as computer terrorists and shit, which isn't my thought of what we really are. I hope to god that LoU dies off by the wrath of gH and that all of you little bitches burn by OUR flames in hell......
milw0rm - Of all groups that attempt to test gH nuts, milw0rm should be the last to even think about fucking wif me as an individual again. We have fucked you boys off the internet once before with ease, what makes you think we can't do it again. Little deathcraze isn't around to rm =rf a site this time, who will be stupid this time and rm -rf what we rightfully own? What makes you guys more lame then anything, you are working off of undernet. Undernet is the lamest irc network on the globe. Itz bandwidth can be eaten up by my 14.4 and the channel services can suck my un-circumsized dick. We will fuck you all over again boiz, please be ready so this time there will be no more, milw0rm is back, bullshit........

Well enough showing off my html tekneeks, now move on to the shot outs which include all of "gH aka gLobaL heLL", soulblaze for being my daddy, eclipze for testing mass quantities of broadcast fluds when it was first brought to our attention, Slasher, all of b4b0, malhavoc for being so fucking pimp tight, m0n for showing everyone about belgium p0wer and most of all to for posting badly coded exploits so skript kiddies can't use them.

Now the FuckYou's include: LoU, milw0rm, all of undernet except if you know we are kewl, 99% of dalnet for just having plain stupid services, #virii on undernet, every single ircop and most of all my computer for being so fucking sl0w...........
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