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This web site has been cracked by the Enforcers. We won't deign to call ourselves "hackers", since that would be a great disrespect to the true ones before us.

You won't find any lame script kiddie bullshit here. Nor will you find useless, meaningless trash. If we enter your server through a hole, the hole will be patched by the time you read this, and your original index page will be saved, not deleted.

What you will find is our message...our truth. Do with it as you please.

Our group has been through a lot of changes in its several years of existence, but one thing will always be the same:

We still enforce Nazi scum and pedophiles daily.

This is one thing that will probably never change, and I'm certainly glad of this.
We are finally getting the public to stand up and notice groups like us, the ARA, and EHAP. It's time for We The People to stand up and tell our "leaders" that unless they begin to take a stand, unless they take the initiative, NOTHING will ever get done to stop the sickness and hate spreading like wildfire over this new electronic medium.
So get off your asses, stand up, take a look around you..and ask yourself, "Do I really want the future of the Web to consist of hateful bigotry and child pornography?" We don't. We hope you don't either. Write your leaders today. Tell them you're sick of all the hate. Tell all your friends, too.

Only then will we be able to stem the approaching tide of hate and smut threatening to wash over our banks at any time.


Greets To:

John Gotti
Tsutomu Shimomura
Wu-Tang Clan
Robey Pointer
Linus Torvalds
Victims of Hate Crimes..be strong
and the ACLU

Nazis and Other Wankers:

Child molesters like TxGuy^, a 41 year old man soliciting sex from 13 year old girls everywhere.
BigDawg and other bestiality perverts
All the people who hack web sites but don't know why.
#kkk, #whitepower, pillage, micetrap, skinchick, brat, and every other nazi on irc.
VeNoMoUs, Sleak, and every other traitor to the cause
ISPs that refuse to remove racist sites, including www.virtualhosting.com, which hosts whitepride.net (the site that advocates torture and murder of non whites and rape of small children)