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January 1999


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FOCUS ON: Macworld Expo

Swedish Hacker Convicted

Swedish hackers sentenced to community service.: The well known swedish Cyber Thugs, freddie & sobber of efnet #999 crew got sentenced to 6 months community service for hacking several web pages including and
The Hackers will now serve 6 months of cow milking on a farm locate in the southern parts of sweden.


Year of the PowerBook
In his debut column for, Contributing Editor Jason O'Grady explains why 1999 will be a watershed for Apple portables. Suddenly, PowerBooks are a content creator's best friend.

Apple: 'No consumer portable yet'
Apple comes down hard on persistent rumors that it will announce its consumer portable during next week's Macworld Expo.

Expo ushers in 1999
New Mac systems will vie with digital video releases as the headline event at Macworld Expo in San Francisco. The show will also deliver Web design and high-end connectivity tools.
Today, Apple and Intel released the shocking news that they now have merged into APTEL Inc., starting a new line of Computer Systems featuring the Intel Pentium II processor and Linux Slackware Operating System.
When MacWeek asked Apple's head man Tom Graham, why they now abandon Motorola he answers: well, intel processors with a linux operating system is clearly they way of the future, and with our merger with Intel, Microsoft won't stand a chance, so UP YOURS Bill Gates!
Sources inside Intel have confirmed for MacWeek that the new Intel Processors will have a built in bug that will make it in-compatible with Microsoft Windows, any attempt to run Windows will cause a Program Fault. Other sources say that this bug was first installed in the i386 processor but the next version will be the final one, that will make it crash at the "Starting Windows" level.

Recently in Focus On:


   San Francisco

   Jan. 4 to 8, 1999

Keep checking this space for the latest news about Macworld Expo San Francisco 1999.

  • Macworld Expo: All systems go

  • SF Expo agenda set

  • Click here to register for the show.

  • Zeum offers a nice attraction for kids. Click here to see the photos.

  • Wanna party at Macworld? Check out the Robert Hess party list.

  • Sign up for the National Macintosh Gaming Championship.

  • Town Meeting to start Expo.
  • News from:

  • New Macs in final stretch
  • Mac the Knife: SawTooth decay
  • Faster iMac in the queue
  • Apple polishes Mac OS 8.6
  • RFI Report: $500 Mac update
  • Mac-only tools in IE 4.5

  • Bondi Beach Boards

    What USB devices are available now for the iMac and what more products will be coming out soon? Come to the Bondi Beach Boards' Gadget Patrol thread to find out and to tell us what you know.

    Click to go there now.

    If you're attending Macworld Expo in January, you'll want to check out the vicious competition at the National Macintosh Gaming Championship and the cool new gadgets in the Consumer Showcase.

    Macworld Names Eddy Award Finalists
    Apple's comeback, USB, hot games and Office 98 make Editors' Choice for best hardware and software products of 1998 a tough decision.

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