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The Defense Information Systems Agency (Disa) and the Rand offer a real network security lesson...

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Some of you guys may not know what is DISA's mission. Above all, let us fill this gap:



"To plan, engineer, develop, test, manage programs, acquire, implement, operate, and maintain information systems for C4I and mission support under all conditions of peace and war."


The Defense Information Systems Agency is transforming the way Department of Defense users move, share, and use information. All DOD personnel need information whether they maintain or fly aircraft, operate a periscope, move a platoon, perform surgery, process transactions, or any of hundreds of other jobs supporting our country's defense. As the manager of the Defense Information Infrastructure (DII), DISA is integrating hardware and software and constructing a common operating environment to sustain warfighters need for information anytime, anywhere. The pillars of the DII are the Defense Information System Network, the Defense Message System, the Global Command and Control System, and the Global Combat Support System.

DISA is also helping protect against, detect and react to threats to both its information infrastructure and information sources. Additionally, DISA is aggressively working with DOD Agencies, the military departments, and other federal agencies, and industry.

Does Ca make it a bit more clear for you? Good...

Now, let's focus on the new so-called fear of the American intelligence community: an electronic Pearl Harbor...

The red peril having, more or less, vanished, one can easily imagine that the information agencies and the American Armies budgets (this is true in every Western country and conversely, in the East) have been cut down.

This is peculiarly true in a period of economic recession (remember, it was not so long ago) when one is asked for more budgetary orthodoxy.

In the end, these agencies and the army seek for a new enemy. The most feared possible... Guess what? They found one... The networks and the evil pervert hackers. It's the concept of F.U.D. carried to its paroxysm... Keep in mind that the French don't do better...

The creation of agencies supposed to protect the USA against an electronic war, against the crackers grew during the last two or three years in the United States. Just as the plans to fight against this hypothetical plague. Many budgets were released by the Clinton Administration. Here are some web sites which represent agencies whose job is appreciably the same (to fight against the invisible dangers of the networks of inside the underground world. This reminds me all these useless atomic bombs which waited the hypothetical moment of a total nuclear war. Besides, this war would have ended in a total explosion of a planet without any survivors. It was as useless as absurd...):

Computer System Security and Privacy Advisory Board (CSSPAB)

All those people benefit from budgets which are consequent.

Latest is that one of 9 million dollars, announced by Bill Clinton after the February DDoS in order to create a new center of prevention...

In Bill Clinton's 2001 budget, 2.1 billion dollars are affected to make the Internet a safer place and to better protect privacy. Big deal...

This being said, and the scenery being drawn up, Kitetoa wonders about the opportunity, for the American taxpayers, to wonder whether yes or no, all this makes sense...

Remember, we had already pinned here the White House's site, misconfigured, and today, we will show you that the DISA's server was not doing better... Just like the server of some "thinkers" who review, every now and then, an electronic war scenario.

Until a few days ago, it was possible to question one of the servers of the DISA and to make him tell an impressing number of things.

This reminds me of Bull's servers containing not confidential and not exploitable information...

It was thus possible to ask the server to display the user groups, the names of people, the list of the telephones of members of the DISA, many information about the servers and the help desks list...

Funny when you know that the DISA is precisely in charge of taking care of the networks and thus, of the servers...

We then went to the site of Rand Corporation, some sort of an agency, of a "think tank," which helps the American government and all the intelligence community and the army to think about the geopolitical and strategic stakes.

Very regularly, the geniuses of Rand corporation work on an fearable electronic war scenario... What so ever, their server is slightly misconfigured and lets appear a certain number of contents which should remain in the shade.

But as everyone knows, the shoe-makers are always the ones who fish the worse fish...

This paper is again a new illustration of what we tell in this part of the site.

Don't you feel that the political leaders or of private companies tell you shit  about all this? We do...




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