Profile: www.01net.com Time Scale: Monthly Report August 2000
Time Frame: 08/01/2000 00:00:00 - 08/31/2000 23:59:59

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 General Statistics

The Visitor Profile by Regions graph identifies the general location of the visitors to your Web site. The General Statistics table includes statistics on the total activity for this web site during the designated time frame.
Statistics Generated Saturday September 02, 2000 - 11:25:54
Hits Entire Site (Successful) 34,641,381
Average Per Day 1,117,463
Home Page 431,344
Page Views Page Views (Impressions) 2,844,868
Average Per Day 72,914
Document Views 2,260,349
Visitor Sessions Visitor Sessions 409,779
Average Per Day 13,218
Average Visitor Session Length 00:12:26
International Visitor Sessions 31.5%
Visitor Sessions of Unknown Origin 33.29%
Visitor Sessions from France 35.19%
Visitors Unique Visitors 122,478
Visitors Who Visited Once 87,070
Visitors Who Visited More Than Once 35,408

General Statistics - Help Card

 This graphic represents the number of unique visitors to your site for the period reported on, as well as averages for each time segment since you started tracking activity. The table provides general statistics about your site. All dates and times are referenced to the location of the system running the analysis, as defined in the site configuration.
Timeframe is the beginning date and time of your log.
Number of page hits tells you the number of successful hits to .htm, .html, .asp pages. Hits to graphics are not counted.
Impressions tells you the number of pages viewed excluding the supporting graphic files within the page.
Total number of hits shows you all successful hits including HTML pages, pictures, forms, scripts and files downloaded.Tip: Visit http://www.webtrends.com/support/hits_views_sessions.htm for a more detailed description of pages and the visitor sessions.
Number of Hits for Home Page shows you how often the home page was visited. This statistic is derived from the home page setting in the profile.
Number of Successful Hits for Entire Site shows you all the hits that had a "successful" status code.
Number of Page Views (Impressions) tells you how many pages were looked at during the period of the report by all visitors combined.
Document Views tells you how many hits were to files defined as documents in File Types Options tab.
Number of Visitor Sessions tells you how many visitors came to your site and look at it within the timeframe defined in the General Options Tab.

Domestic, International and Unknown sections show you where your visitors came from.
Visitor Sessions from the United States shows you sessions coming from the U.S. Origin is determined by the User Domain field in the log, as well as settings in the Domains Options tab.
International Visitor Sessions shows you the sessions coming from outside your country. International sessions are determined by the User Domain field in the log, as well as settings in the Domains Options tab.
Visitor Sessions of Unknown Origins shows you which sessions have an origin that cannot be accounted for either because they weren't defined in the Domains Options tab or they weren't logged by the Web server.

Averages indicate general statistics for the span of the log.
Average Number of Hits Per Day tells you the average number of pages looked at each day.
Average Number of Page Views Per Day tells you how many pages each visitor looks at on average.
Average Number of Visitor Sessions Per Day tells you how many visitor sessions your site had each day on average.
Average Visitor Session Length tells you how long the average visitor session was.

Unique visitors are a count of unique IPs for the period of the report whether or not they were authenticated using domain names or cookies.
Number of Unique Users tells you how many visitors your site had by counting their IP, domain name, or cookie.
Number of Users Who Visited Once tells you how many visitors came to your site one time by counting single occurrences of visitor sessions.
Number of Users Who Visited More Than Once tells you how many visitors came back to your site by counting repeated visitor sessions.

 The General Stats table gives a general overview of the site's performance, helping you quickly assess the growth and the needs of the site. It can help you determine the report chapters that you should focus on for valuable site enhancement statistics.
Monitoring the number of new visitors or returning visitors, for example, can be important depending on the type of site you manage.
You also want to make sure that your visitors stay on site and visit many of its pages, so a low value for Average Page Views per Visitor may be cause for concern. Are pages loading too slowly? Is the site difficult to navigate?

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