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Thales (ex Thomson-CSF) shows all it's maliling lists members...

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Thales is everything but a small company. At least, it's not a company that knows nothing about IT. Well... let's hope.

But the French kings of ultramodern technologies seems to have problems. Just like Alcatel last week (which is, as they say, the architects of the Internet. If you're lost please ask them for the maps)...

With Thales, it takes only 2 minutes for any web user to reach the list of the people who subscribed to their mailing lists. The so beautiful, and brand new site, of the French mastodon is a little bit misconfigured... And sends out personal data in cyberspace. French 1978 Law on Personal Data punishes any company that will not do all it can do to protect the personal data it collects.

We suddenly had a stupid idea : what does Thales say regarding the security and the protection of the information about companies on the Web ? Well... here it goes : "Thales Secure Solutions. Information is an essential richness of the companies: its protection is thus a major strategic interest. Thales Secure Solutions was born from the will of the group Thales (new name of Thomson CSF) to create an entity specialized in the information system security. Founded in February 2001, this new subsidiary company is dedicated to the institutional customers. We will provide services and safe solutions, in particular protection of the networks, of the data, securisation of the Internet applications and data-processing architectures. Thalmes Secure Solutions rests on clear bases: Thales, perenniality, power and the experiment of a great group in the heart of information technologies. Secure, the security, all the security. A dedicated activity   with a huge size and competences. Solutions, the whole of the solutions of security, starting with the consulting, the audit, the operations and the integration of solutions or, even, the specific system development of security"...

Let's stop here because even if one will not die being ridiculous, we will not endorse this risk... Even the "under construction"   Thales Secure Solutions' site is unproperly installed. Pathetic.

But the chairman, Gilles Coléou says taht "the offer of Thales Secure Solutions does not have an equivalent. Even if on certain segments of our services we have competitors, no actor of the computer security proposes such a global offer".

I stop now because I will puke...

Funny to see that there are very few subscribers to the mailing list... The press releases of Thales do not seem to be of any interest for the guys browsing the Web.

But maybe is it's just because the World Wide Web is empty... (cf  www.statisticator.com) ;)


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